bet365 Releases WJC Odds and Preview for Semi-Finals on January 4th

Fans of the 2024 World Junior Hockey Championship received a shock on Tuesday when Canada was eliminated in the quarter-finals, ending their hopes for a third consecutive gold medal. While Canada wasn’t the favorite, they underperformed compared to expectations, leaving many fans disappointed. However, the tournament continues, and there is still excitement to see how the remainder of the games unfold. Play is set to resume on Thursday with a relegation game between Norway and Germany, followed by two semi-final games to determine the medal rounds.

One of the semi-final games will feature Czechia and Sweden, two teams that had impressive performances in the previous rounds. The Czechs had a slow start but have been improving throughout the tournament. They had a stunning victory over Canada in the quarter-finals, giving them an edge heading into the semi-finals. On the other hand, Sweden finished the round-robin stage with the best record in their group, with their only loss coming in an overtime defeat to Finland. Both teams have standout players, making this a highly anticipated match-up.

In the other semi-final, the United States will face Finland. The United States has been dominant, winning all their group-stage games and securing a spot in the semi-finals. Finland, on the other hand, faced some struggles but managed to secure a spot in the semis after a hard-fought journey. With thirteen NHL prospects on their roster, Finland will look to put up a tough fight against the United States.

The odds for winning the championship heading into January 4th have the United States as the favorites, followed by Sweden, Czechia, and Finland. Despite Canada’s elimination, the tournament continues to be exciting, with major match-ups on the horizon.