Experts Make Three Bold Predictions for the Upcoming 49ers-Chiefs Matchup

Betting on the Super Bowl is a big and exciting event that has become incredibly popular over the years. With increasing numbers in both the US and Canada participating, it’s clear that wagering on the Super Bowl has become a beloved pastime. In anticipation of the face-off between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs, the American Gaming Association is estimating a $23 billion bet in the US. This number is likely to increase seeing that it’s a 35% increase from 2023. Meanwhile, in Canada, where betting is also reportedly increasing, there’s no clear estimate on how much money will be wagered for the Super Bowl LVIII.

One way to get into the betting spirit of the Super Bowl is to choose long shot bets. It can definitely be an exhilarating experience, especially when it pays off. With that in mind, here are some long shot bets to consider.

One long shot bet to consider is Nick Bosa for Super Bowl MVP. Bosa, who plays for the 49ers, is known for his ability to change the course of a game from the edge. Given that only two defensive ends have ever earned the Super Bowl MVP distinction, a win for Bosa would definitely be a big underdog story.

Another long shot bet to think about is whether the Super Bowl will go into overtime. There’s a high possibility of a close game between the 49ers and Chiefs, making it likely that it could require extra time to be decided. The small margin for error will put pressure on both kickers.

An even riskier bet is that a non-quarterback will throw a passing touchdown. Although it’s an unlikely move, there’s a surprise element to the Super Bowl and an inventive play like this would definitely add a unique and thrilling aspect to the game.

Whether you go for the underdog bets or the more sure bets, Super Bowl Sunday is always guaranteed to be a fun and exciting experience. And who knows, you might just make some big bucks from it too!