Gain Weekly NHL Betting Insights with NorthStar’s Latest Bets (Dec. 5)

The NHL schedule is about to get busy this coming week, with a total of 36 games taking place between Thursday and Sunday. Fans can expect plenty of action on the ice, and bettors will be looking for valuable opportunities to make some money. NorthStar Bets has prepared an NHL Schedule Preview for the week of December 4-10 to help fans find out which teams will have the rest advantage and which teams might be playing tired.

The Puck Portfolio has been using the NHL schedule to inform their handicapping, and it seems to be paying off. They have seen a 15.9% return on investment this season, and fans can subscribe to their YouTube channel to get daily NHL projections and picks for free. With a big show planned for Wednesday that looks ahead to Thursday’s NHL action, it’s a great resource for staying informed.

Home teams, particularly home underdogs, have been performing well recently. Home dogs won 52.4% of their games last week, and home teams overall won 60.4% of their games. This suggests that betting on home teams has been a profitable strategy. Additionally, senior ESPN writer Greg Wyshynski released his latest NHL Awards Watch article, providing valuable insights from voters that can help bettors find value in the betting markets.

The San Jose Sharks have been a surprise recently, winning six of their last 14 games despite initially being heavily bet against after early-season struggles. Their success has shown that blindly fading struggling teams may not always be the best strategy for bettors. Overall, the NHL betting trends and insights offer plenty of valuable information for fans and bettors to consider as they look to profit from the on-ice action.

To stay informed and make the most out of hockey betting, fans are encouraged to tune into The Puck Portfolio live at 11:30 A.M. ET on weekdays on the Canada Sports Betting YouTube channel, where they can get free NHL projections and picks to inform their handicapping and betting strategies.