Get Ready for NHL Action: NorthStar’s Week of Dec. 11-17 Schedule Preview

The schedule for the upcoming week in the National Hockey League is out, and it’s time to look at each game and the rest-based advantages that teams have. In terms of rest, the games on Monday, Dec. 11 are fairly even, with all teams having played their last game on Saturday. However, the Dallas Stars may have a disadvantage as they are playing their fourth game in six nights.

On Tuesday, Dec. 12, there are quite a few mismatches in terms of rest. Toronto, Arizona, Detroit, and Calgary are all playing their second game in as many nights, with the Coyotes having the biggest disadvantage. Pittsburgh has three rest days, which may give them an advantage.

Wednesday, Dec. 13 sees some teams at a disadvantage due to rest. Pittsburgh and Winnipeg are both on the second half of back-to-backs, while Boston and Anaheim have slight advantages the New Jersey and the Islanders.

Thursday, Dec. 14 features a couple of mismatches, with Toronto and Calgary both playing their third game in four nights. Detroit, Chicago, Seattle, and Nashville are all playing their third game in four nights as well.

Moving on to Friday, Dec. 15, the Stars have the biggest advantage with three days of rest, while the Predators and Golden Knights also have advantages over their opponents.

The Saturday, Dec. 16 games see a lot of rest mismatches, with Detroit, Toronto, and Calgary playing their fourth game in six nights.

Finally, the Sunday, Dec. 17 games have quirks of their own, with four of the 10 teams playing the second half of a back-to-back, and Chicago having a two-day advantage over Vancouver.

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