Get the Inside Scoop on NHL Betting with NorthStar’s Weekly Insights (Jan. 3)

The NHL has returned following a short holiday break, and it is quickly approaching the midway point of the season. NorthStar Bets is bringing weekly betting insights to keep hockey bettors updated with the latest trends in the NHL.

As of January 2, the NHL has witnessed scoring at a rate of 6.3 goals per game in consecutive years, marking the first time in three decades. This is reflected in the betting market, with an estimated of 63% games featuring a total of 6.5 or higher.

Moving on to the divisional race, the Boston Bruins have managed to hold on to the top spot in the Atlantic Division, defying expectations despite an off-season shuffle. The Bruins, however, have the toughest schedule left to tackle. Their underlying metrics have deteriorated over the season, ranking 23rd in expected goals percentage and a shot share at 5-on-5 in December.

The Florida Panthers are not likely to have an easy schedule either but have consistently ranked among the top teams according to the Evolving Hockey’s expected goals model. The NHL Projection Model puts the Bruins as the division winners with a 48% chance, while the Panthers trail with a 42% chance.

The Seattle Kraken have recently made a good run with a five-game winning streak, putting them one point away from the wild card spot. However, they face obstacles with multiple teams having games in hand, leading to a 14% playoff chance according to the model.

In Detroit, the Red Wings have seen a decline since November, even with Patrick Kane’s debut with the team. Despite Kane’s impressive performance, the Red Wings have a mere 15% chance of making the playoffs.

Finally, if Detroit decides to trade Patrick Kane, there will be no shortage of takers as his performance could elevate a team already in contention. For those interested in NHL projections, picks, and betting advice, Canada Sports Betting YouTube channel has a hockey betting podcast called The Puck Portfolio, live at 11:30 a.m. ET on weekdays.