Get the Inside Scoop on NHL Betting with NorthStar’s Weekly Insights (Jan. 30th)

The Edmonton Oilers entered the All-Star break on a remarkable 16-game winning streak after defeating the Nashville Predators on Saturday. With their next game a chance to tie the record, the Oilers could rewrite history with two more wins.

The NHL’s longest winning streak of 17 games is currently held by the 1992-93 Pittsburgh Penguins, but the Oilers have the opportunity to surpass that record. The odds favor an 18-game or longer winning streak with favored outcomes set at +160.

For hockey fans looking to get some action on this unprecedented streak, NorthStar Bets provides the opportunity to place wagers based on the exact length of the Oilers’ current win streak. The odds favor an 18-game or longer win streak.

The odds at NorthStar Bets breakdown as follows:
– 16 Games at +115
– 17 Games at +460
– 18+ Games at +160

In analyzing each of the betting options, the probability of each outcome has been calculated. Bettors are presented with different scenarios to consider their wagers carefully, taking into account the likelihood of each outcome.

Interested bettors should consider all factors such as other favorable betting odds and even consider a moneyline rollover approach as it could yield more profitable results. If Edmonton manages to secure the record-breaking 18th win, the odds are in favor at +160.

The prospect of betting on such a historic win streak is certainly intriguing and has captured the attention of sports betting enthusiasts. There are numerous betting options to consider as the Oilers continue their journey to break an NHL record, offering bettors the excitement of potential high-stakes wins. For more insights and projections, The Puck Portfolio offers valuable information on the Canada Sports Betting YouTube channel and through various podcast platforms.