Get the Latest NHL Betting Insights from NorthStar (Nov. 28)

Betting on the NHL always presents a challenge as the dynamics of the league constantly change. Successful strategies and angles can quickly lose their effectiveness. That’s why having a consistent process is crucial, like comparing personal odds to those of sportsbooks to find value bets.

In terms of betting trends for the 2023-24 NHL regular season, home teams have won 52.8% of games, with home favorites winning 61.3% of the time. Home dogs have also been winning recently, showing an interesting shift. In terms of game regulation, home teams have only won 41.7% of the time, compared to away teams which have won 39.3% in regulation.

Regarding totals, there’s nothing out of the ordinary, but with seven goals, expect to push as often as winning or losing. As for the Stanley Cup Playoff Chances, the Edmonton Oilers and New Jersey Devils are unexpectedly on the outside. Moving on to a notable acquisition, Patrick Kane signing with the Detroit Red Wings has improved their playoff odds from 38% to almost 45%.

In light of market dynamics, NHL bettors react quickly to information. For example, Colorado’s odds shifted significantly when Nathan MacKinnon was dealing with an illness, demonstrating how savvy bettors react to news. Attendees are encouraged to tune into The Puck Portfolio for NHL projections and picks to inform hockey betting.