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Here is a revised version of an NHL betting article:

Get up to speed with the latest NHL betting trends and insights as of December 12th, 2021. Last week, home teams outperformed expectations with a 31-27 record, while home underdogs only managed to win 43.3% of the time straight-up, a sharp decline from the week prior. Home favorites were particularly dominant, going 17-6 in regulation and covering the puckline 46.4% of the time.

In the previous week’s article, we discussed how the San Jose Sharks had become value bets due to the betting public’s reluctance to support them after a series of heavy losses in November. However, the Sharks have since posted an 8-9 record, causing bettors to reconsider their position. Despite this, San Jose continues to rank poorly in expected goals percentage and goal share, indicating that they are still struggling.

The Maple Leafs are another team with interesting betting trends, having played the most overtime sessions in the league. Despite being favored in nearly every away game, they have only managed to win 28% of their games in regulation. While they perform well at home, betting on them on the road has been risky, especially when they are favored and the odds are not favorable.

These trends serve as a reminder that good bets do not last forever, as evidenced by the fluctuations in the Sharks’ odds and the unpredictable nature of the Maple Leafs’ performance on the road. To stay informed, bettors can follow The Puck Portfolio and Jeff Veillette’s NHL Schedule Breakdown and stay up to date with daily projections, picks, and analysis. Additionally, the regularly updated CSB NHL Projection Model page provides insight into projected standings, division odds, and playoff chances.

To remain ahead of the game, and make better-informed decisions to place bets, it’s crucial to stay informed about the latest betting trends and performance dynamics of NHL teams.