Get Your Weekly NHL Betting Insights from NorthStar (Dec. 19)

Hockey Betting Insights and Trends

Hockey bettors will get a brief respite from NHL action as the league pauses for three days between December 24th and 26th. But with plenty of hockey still left to be played, it’s essential to stay updated with the latest NHL projections and picks, which are available for free on YouTube through The Puck Portfolio.

New Coach Bump For Senators?

The Ottawa Senators made a coaching change by firing D.J. Smith and bringing in Jacques Martin, accompanied by Daniel Alfredsson. Martin has promised a defense-first approach, but the Senators face an uphill battle given their current standing at the bottom of the Eastern Conference. The team’s chances of making the playoffs are projected at just 4%, as they currently sit 12 points out of a wild card spot.

Maple Leafs’ Achilles Heel: Weak Opponents

Notably, the Toronto Maple Leafs have struggled against weaker opponents, with a mediocre record as moneyline favorites with odds of -200 or greater. Despite this, the team has a solid roster and potential for success, but bettors should approach big favorite situations with caution.

Updated NHL Betting Trends for Dec. 19th

Home teams have been performing well, likely attributed to the scheduling and better quality teams playing at home more often. Additionally, the puck line trends indicate a high frequency of close games, with favorites winning by two goals or more only 26.9% of the time.

These insights and trends provide valuable information for hockey bettors as they navigate the NHL betting landscape. It’s crucial for bettors to stay informed and use the available tools, such as sports betting calculators, to make informed decisions when placing bets.