Guaranteed Snowfall in Major Canadian Cities on Christmas Day

The prospect of a white Christmas is something that many people in Canada dream of, and now there’s an opportunity to potentially make a few extra bucks by betting on whether it will snow on Christmas Day in certain cities.

At the bet365 sportsbook, bettors can place wagers on whether or not it will snow at the international airports in Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto. Even major U.S. cities are included in the betting options.

Checking the long-range weather forecasts is essential for anyone interested in betting on the weather. As of Tuesday morning, The Weather Network was forecasting that snow was highly unlikely for all three major Canadian cities. Vancouver is expected to have temperatures around 8°C and rain, while Montreal and Toronto are forecasted to have sunny skies and temperatures around 5°C and 6°C, respectively.

However, weather forecasts can change, and Christmas Day is still several days away. There may be value in betting against snowfall in Montreal, which currently has odds of -110. According to the bet365 customer service representative, snow must be officially recorded or observed to have fallen at the location on the specified date in order for bets to pay out.

The historical data from Environment and Climate Change Canada indicates that snow on Christmas Day is quite rare for the three major Canadian cities. With the growing impact of global warming, snow on December 25 will be even more unlikely in the years to come.

For those not interested in novelty betting, the NBA and NFL both have marquee games scheduled for Christmas Day, offering an alternative to those looking for more traditional betting opportunities.

Overall, the opportunity to bet on a white Christmas in Canada adds a unique and festive twist to the holiday season for sports bettors. And regardless of the betting outcome, Canada Sports Betting wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.