Jake’s Expert Advice: NFL Divisional Round Odds, Betting Mismatches, Props & Trends

crucial this time around. Every the most minute misstep could be the difference between a trip to the championship game and a long offseason, and with the Bills coming off of a high-flying win in Buffalo, I just can’t see them slowing down now. It’ll be close, it’ll be cold, and it’ll be one for the ages, but give me Josh Allen and the Bills to move on to the championship game in a close one.

In conclusion, Super Wild Card Weekend was a rollercoaster and the Divisional Round promises to be nothing less. Whether it’s upsets from underdogs or dominating performances from perennial favorites, the playoffs never fail to deliver drama and intrigue. So to all the NFL fans out there, buckle up, grab your nachos and your favorite jersey, and get ready for another thrilling weekend of football.