Jake’s NFL Week 17 Betting Guide: Odds, Mismatches, Props & Trends

Welcome NFL fans to Week 17 of the NFL season! Let’s recap some of the top storylines from last week before diving into the matchups and odds for this week.

The Baltimore Ravens’ victory over the San Francisco 49ers was a standout moment, with the Ravens dominating the game and picking off Niners QB Brock Purdy four times en route to a 33-19 win. This win has definitely raised the stakes for power rankings and made it harder to predict games between top-tier teams.

Both the Buffalo Bills and the Detroit Lions needed late surges to secure victories last week. Despite some lapses and close calls, both teams managed to pull out wins and improve their standings considerably. Detroit’s win also sealed its division championship for the first time since 1993, while the Bills have the chance to secure a playoff spot with a win against the Patriots this week.

In less positive news, the Kansas City Chiefs suffered another loss last week, and it’s becoming apparent that they are facing some challenges. However, they still remain in a comfortable spot in terms of playoff contention, and it would be unwise to discount them in elimination games.

Looking ahead to this week, we have some exciting matchups to watch, including the Ravens hosting the Dolphins, the Lions traveling to Dallas, the Vikings facing off against the Packers, the Buccaneers taking on the Saints, and the Colts trying to save their season in a clash with the Raiders.

Now let’s dive into the odds for Week 17 and make some picks. Here are the odds for a few key matchups:

– Dallas Cowboys – Moneyline: -270
– Green Bay Packers – Moneyline: +110
– Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Moneyline: -140
– Los Angeles Chargers– Moneyline: +155

In addition to the odds, here are some betting trends to keep in mind when placing your bets this week:

– The Detroit Lions have hit the moneyline in eight of their last 10 away games
– The New York Giants have scored first in six of their last 19 games
– The Los Angeles Rams have scored first in six of their last nine away games
– The Washington Commanders have only hit the moneyline in eight of their last 20 games
– The Philadelphia Eagles have scored first in 16 of their last 21 games
– The Arizona Cardinals have scored last in one of their last 10 away games

Finally, here are a few player props to consider for Week 17:

– Player Passing Touchdowns Milestones – 2 TD – Joe Flacco: +145
– Touchdown Scorers – Anytime – Jahmyr Gibbs: +120
– Player Rushing Yards Milestones – 100 Yards – James Cook : +450

It’s all shaping up to be an exciting Week 17, with plenty of opportunities for fans to place their bets and watch some thrilling matchups unfold on the field. As we approach the playoffs, the stakes are higher than ever, and every game counts. Get ready for an action-packed week of NFL football!