NFL Conference Round: Expert Guide to Odds, Betting Tips, and Trends

Welcome NFL fans to the Conference Championships! Even though last week saw my picks going 2-for-2, I must admit that I was not entirely surprised by the outcomes we witnessed. I fell into the trap of not wanting to pick favorites the whole weekend and convinced myself that the Texans could pull off an upset. Unfortunately, Houston came up short. But I may have undervalued the complete package that is the Baltimore Ravens, and I must commend the Bills fans for their continued support despite another defeat.

With only two games on the docket this week, I won’t spill any virtual ink previewing anything here but let’s dive right into the Conference Championships! This weekend, we have the Baltimore Ravens playing against the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers against the Detroit Lions.

For the Baltimore Ravens vs. Kansas City Chiefs game, I am betting on the Ravens. They are well-rested after their divisional round win, and the Ravens crowd will create a challenging environment for the Chiefs. The Ravens have the superior ground game and the tools to make their first Super Bowl appearance since 2012.

For the San Francisco 49ers vs. Detroit Lions game, I am putting my support behind the Lions. Despite their struggles with elite passing attacks, the Lions have reached the NFC Championship game due to their strong offensive play. The Lions have the ability to outpace the 49ers with their own offensive prowess, especially with the running back Jahmyr Gibbs being a key factor.

Here are a few betting trends to keep in mind when placing your bets this week:
– The Baltimore Ravens have hit the Moneyline in 11 of their last 13 games.
– The Kansas City Chiefs are 4-6 in spread bets in their last 10 games against BAL for a total loss.
– The Detroit Lions have hit the Game Total Over in 11 of their last 15 games.
– The San Francisco 49ers have not hit the Team Total Over in recent games.

Get ready for an exciting weekend of NFL action as we head into the Conference Championships!