NHL Schedule Preview: NorthStar Makes Bets for Week of January 8-14

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Starting with Monday, January 8, there are no major rest discrepancies as teams are all on a single-day break.

Moving to Tuesday, January 9, the rest notes are more pronounced with several mismatches and a couple of teams playing their fourth game in six nights.

On Wednesday, January 10, there are two multi-day mismatches, including one in a marquee matchup between Vegas and Colorado.

Thursday, January 11 boasts a heavy lineup of games, with a significant number of back-to-backs and multiple teams playing a high number of games within a short period.

Friday, January 12 is relatively quiet in terms of rest discrepancies, with only a slight mismatch between the Preds and Stars.

Saturday, January 13 presents a full schedule with several teams playing consecutive nights and others playing their third game in four nights. There are also some teams with a significant rest advantage.

Finally, on Sunday, January 14, both teams are playing in the second half of back-to-backs, with divisional matchups expected to bring some chaos to the games.

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