NorthStar Analyzes NHL Schedule to Identify Rest Mismatches for Feb. 12-18

The National Hockey League’s season is nearing the end, but there’s still plenty of exciting matchups ahead on the schedule. With Canada Sports Betting providing written and video coverage of the NHL, and useful features like the strength of schedule tool and the NHL projected standings, hockey fans are well-equipped to navigate the final stretch of the season.

Looking ahead to the games scheduled for the week starting Monday, February 12th, there are no major rest-based advantages to be found. The matchups are fairly evenly spaced out, with no back-to-back games or underlying fatigue considerations.

Moving on to Tuesday, February 13th, the upcoming games will see two back-to-back matchups. Beyond that, Montreal, Washington, St. Louis, and Vancouver will be playing their third game in four nights, while Anaheim, Nashville, Chicago, and the Islanders have the advantage of a two-day rest.

Wednesday, February 14th, presents an interesting schedule with the Winnipeg Jets enjoying three days off, and the San Jose Sharks coming off an impressive two-week break. The extended rest for the Sharks may act as a disadvantage, considering rust accumulation, and Winnipeg’s superior roster quality will likely give them the edge in this matchup.

On Thursday, February 15th, three back-to-back games are scheduled. Seattle and New Jersey will also be playing their third game in four nights, and Montreal, St. Louis, and Vancouver will be playing their fourth game in six nights. Calgary has a significant two-day rest advantage over San Jose, who will be flying in from Winnipeg.

Friday’s games, on February 16th, feature a single game difference, nearly akin to a day off. It’s a peculiar schedule with two smaller market teams involved.

Moving on to Saturday, February 17th, San Jose and Florida will play their third game in four nights, New Jersey will play their fourth game in six games, and a few multi-day rest mismatches are evident in the schedule.

Concluding the week on Sunday, February 18th, there are a couple of minor rest-based disparities, with Pittsburgh enjoying a notable rest advantage over the Kings.

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