NorthStar Places Wagers on NHL Schedule and Identifies Rest Discrepancies: February 5-11

The National Hockey League season is underway for another week and with the aid of Canada Sports Betting’s written and video coverage, along with useful features such as the strength of schedule tool and NHL projected standings, hockey enthusiasts can easily navigate the week’s action. Here are details and rest-based advantages of each game.

Monday, February 5
The league will resume after a week-long break, with teams that clocked out of January making their returns. The Colorado team is the most rested, but there isn’t much of a difference between teams getting an eight or nine-day break.

Tuesday, February 6
The Avs will provide a test to determine whether it’s better to have an extended rest or no rest at all. Road back-to-backs are always tough, but moving from MSG to New Jersey is a bit easier.

Wednesday, February 7
The Dallas-Toronto game provides a “normal-ish” contest, although the Stars are playing the second half of a road back-to-back. The short commute from Buffalo to Toronto makes it slightly easier for them.

Thursday, February 8
Most teams are back in the groove at this stage, with just a few still coming back from vacation. Tampa has the worst break as they face a back-to-back against the Islanders with two days of rest. Colorado will play their third game in four nights, and Arizona also returns after a break.

Friday, February 9
The Ducks are the only team without a post-all-star game under their belt on this list. If the Edmonton Oilers get their 17th win on Tuesday, that might create an interesting imbalance. Pittsburgh has a slight advantage over Minnesota.

Saturday, February 10
The rest of the league wraps up their byes and returns to the ice. There aren’t many significant differences in terms of rest, except for Pittsburgh and Edmonton each playing their second of a back-to-back, Tampa playing their third game in four nights, and Colorado playing their fourth game in six.

Sunday, February 11
It’s a day without any vacation-returners, but it’s all back-to-back games. From over-rested to no rest, true normalcy will return next week.

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