NorthStar Previews NHL Schedule for January 2-7

The National Hockey League season has created a buzz among its enthusiasts and another week is all set to roll out with more exciting matches. Paired with Canada Sports Betting’s written and video coverage of the NHL, fans have access to handy features like strength of schedule tool and the NHL projected standings, which is anticipated to make the week’s action an enjoyable experience.

In the upcoming matches, Boston, Montreal, Pittsburgh, Minnesota, Tampa Bay, Winnipeg, and Edmonton are all set to play their third game in four nights. However, Philadelphia will be playing their fourth game in six nights. The potential mismatch could be witnessed in the match between Vancouver and Ottawa where the Canucks will have four days off in comparison to Ottawa’s one.

On Wednesday, the attention turns towards two noteworthy mismatches within the matches where two teams on back-to-backs go up against teams on multiple days rest. Moving on to Thursday, Pittsburgh, Boston, Montreal, Tampa Bay, Minnesota, and Winnipeg are playing their fourth game in six nights. The biggest mismatch will feature St. Louis with four days rest going up against Vancouver with one day rest.

The rest notes continue as Washington is playing their third game in four nights on Friday. This will be coupled with Winnipeg playing their fourth game in seven nights. The NHL games on Saturday aren’t expected to have many variations, other than a couple of back-to-backs and a two-day difference between Edmonton and Ottawa, a fairly routine day. However, Sunday will have a few interesting games with Chicago playing their third in four, Washington playing their fourth in six, and the Winnipeg Jets playing their sixth in nine.

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