NorthStar Releases NHL Schedule Preview for December 27-31

The week of December 27 in the National Hockey League is packed with games, and Canada Sports Betting has everything fans need to know about the matchups coming up. With written and video coverage, as well as helpful features like the strength of schedule tool and the NHL projected standings, fans will be well-prepared to take on the action.

On Wednesday, December 27, the teams are fresh off of their Christmas breaks, with one surprising exception. Despite the overall rest, Winnipeg stands out as the one team that wasn’t fully rested.

On Thursday, December 28, the rest advantage rapidly declines into chaos, with mismatched rest between teams and four back-to-backs scheduled.

Moving to Friday, December 29, everyone playing shares an equal amount of rest, except for the Flyers who have a road back-to-back matchup which brings them from Vancouver to Seattle.

Saturday, December 30 starts to get chaotic, as eight teams are playing their second game in as many nights. Additionally, Carolina and Los Angeles are playing their third games in four nights.

On Sunday, December 31, a lot of teams are playing on limited rest, with eight back-to-backs scheduled. Despite the limited rest, all games will be long over by the time New Year’s Day starts to hit North America.

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