Northstar Releases Weekly Betting Insights for Dec. 26

The 2024 World Junior Hockey Championship is generating excitement, but the NHL will be back with 14 games on Wednesday after the holiday break. Canada Sports Betting’s hockey podcast, The Puck Portfolio, will return on Thursday. In the meantime, the NHL projections and picks for the upcoming games are available, powered by NorthStar Bets.

The NHL projections are based on a model that generates win probabilities by considering team strengths, scheduling, injuries, and league trends. These probabilities are then compared to what’s being offered at sportsbooks, such as NorthStar Bets, to identify value bets.

For Wednesday’s matchups, there are a few standout games. The Washington Capitals to beat the New York Rangers (Moneyline) and the Winnipeg Jets to beat the Chicago Blackhawks (Moneyline) appear to be prime opportunities.

The Washington Capitals, despite facing a tough opponent in the Rangers, still offer value. Although the Rangers have been winning, their performance metrics show that they are not dominating their opponents. On the other hand, the Capitals have been competitive and could potentially secure an upset victory, especially if they receive a boost from newly acquired player Max Pacioretty.

The Winnipeg Jets, despite missing their leading goal scorer Kyle Connor, are expected to secure a win against the struggling Chicago Blackhawks. The Jets’ strong defensive play and the performance of their goaltender, Connor Hellebuyck, should give them an edge in this matchup.

Both of these games present betting opportunities with the potential for a good return on investment. The article also includes recommended bet sizes for each game, providing guidance for those looking to wager on these NHL matchups.