NorthStar Takes Strategic Approach to NHL Schedule Imbalances: Jan. 29-31

This week in the National Hockey League, we take a look at the schedule for the upcoming matches. With Canada Sports Betting providing written and video coverage of the NHL, along with valuable features like the strength of schedule tool and the NHL projected standings, fans will be ready to tackle this week’s action with ease. Below is a breakdown of the NHL games set to take place from January 29th to January 31st.

NHL Games on Monday, Jan. 29
Rest Notes: Just one game is scheduled on Monday night, with both teams having last played on Saturday. This marks the beginning of a quiet week in terms of NHL games.

NHL Games on Tuesday, Jan. 30
Rest Notes: There’s a slight edge for the Sharks on Tuesday as they come in with an extra day off, facing the Kraken who have been struggling. Could this be enough for an upset win? Time will tell.

NHL Games on Wednesday, Jan. 31
Rest Notes: The Ducks carry a significant advantage over their California rivals on Wednesday with three days of rest. This gives them an edge heading into a road back-to-back game against San Jose. Both other games also include slight advantages for some teams.

With only six games in three days, the game schedule is rather light this week due to the upcoming All-Star Weekend. This weekend, All-Star Weekend will see the best of the NHL gathering at the Toronto and Scotiabank Arena for a few days of festivities. There will be extensive coverage of the skills competition and actual game here on CSB later this week.

Many teams will be on their “bye weeks” this week and the start of next, as they embrace rest and relaxation time across the board. This means no games are scheduled between Thursday and Sunday, and no heavy days until next Tuesday.

Be sure to stay tuned to Canada Sports Betting for extensive and updated NHL coverage. From previews of every Toronto Maple Leafs game for Ontario bettors to Jeff Veillette’s HNIC Coast to Coast column breaking down Canadian NHL games played on the weekend, fans will find comprehensive coverage of all things NHL.