Top Online Slots with Animal Themes for National Pets Day 2023

Animal Lovers Unite: Best Animal-Themed Slots for National Pets Day

The love for animals knows no bounds, and they have managed to find a place in every aspect of our lives. From mundane bumper stickers to intricate tattoos, we can’t help but adore cute creatures. Even in the world of casino games, animals have made their mark.

For all the animal enthusiasts out there, we have compiled a list of the best animal-themed slots to celebrate National Pets Day.

Cat-Themed Slots

For the feline lovers, we have a purr-fect selection of cat-themed online slots that are sure to tickle your fancy.

Copy Cat Fortune

Embark on a feline adventure with this 25 payline slot from Flipluck. With a remarkable 96.76% RTP and expanding wilds, this cat-themed slot promises an exciting time. Trigger high payouts with three or more cash or coin stack symbols and enjoy free games with the mystery stack feature.

Kitty Cutie

Kitty Katz

Dog-Themed Slots

If dogs hold a special place in your heart, you won’t be disappointed with these dog-themed slots tailored just for you.

Fabulous Piggy Bank

With its colorful setting and delightful dogs as the main characters, this 10 payline slot from Flipluck pays both ways and features expanding wilds. You can also win up to 25x your bet with the cash stack symbol and double your winnings with the gamble up button.

Dog Father

This 21 payline slot features a star-studded cast of dogs and a comical storyline reminiscent of “The Godfather.” The cigar and wallet symbols act as wilds, earning you free spins when they appear on the reels.

Wild Animals Slots

For those who appreciate untamed creatures, we have a list of our favorite wild animal slot machines that are bound to captivate you.

Gold Tiger Ascent

Fish Catch

Buffalo Bounty

Top Bonuses to Play Animal Slot Games

Maximize your gaming budget with these exciting online slots promotions. Enjoy your favorite animal-themed slot games and reap the rewards offered by these top casinos.

Play a Slot Featuring Your Favorite Critter!

Whether you’re a cat person, a dog enthusiast, or a wildlife lover, there’s a slot designed just for you. Celebrate National Pet Day by indulging in our recommended animal-themed slots for a wild and wonderful gaming experience.