Updated NFL Divisional Round Opening Odds and Super Bowl Outright Odds Released

The NFL Wild Card Weekend showcased six thrilling football games with noteworthy storylines. Some underdogs, with three wins out of six games, defied the odds and performed well. The Houston Texans dominated the Cleveland Browns with a 45-14 win, while the Green Bay Packers defeated the Dallas Cowboys 48-32, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers vanquished the Philadelphia Eagles 32-9. The Los Angeles Rams’ loss to the Detroit Lions was unexpected, but they managed to cover the spread.

The upcoming divisional round of the playoffs presents several exciting matchups. The opening odds show the Detroit Lions as six-point favorites over the Bucs and the Chiefs as 2.5-point underdogs against the Buffalo Bills.

The Super Bowl MVP odds highlight six players from the 49ers with the shortest odds on the list. Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens leads the pack at +325, followed closely by players from the remaining eight teams. In the 57 Super Bowls, quarterbacks have emerged as the MVP 32 times, followed by wide receivers and running backs.

The playoffs are creating great excitement as the championship draws near. As teams battle it out, football fans can expect more thrilling matchups and unexpected outcomes in the coming weeks. All odds and information are provided by sportsbook experts for betting enthusiasts to enjoy and engage with the games.